Nontoxic Recycled Paper Insulation

Cellulose is made from recycled newsprint and other recycled paper, and treated with nontoxic fire retardants, cellulose insulation has been a tried and true method of insulating homes for decades. Its excellent sound insulating properties include its ability to provide an effective 1-hour fire rating, a high R-Value per inch and is very cost effective for the savings you are going to see from it.

We offer 2 different kinds of cellulose, depending on whether you have an existing home or are in the process of building a new home or building. With either method we can incorporate closed cell spray foam to get an air barrier. We can seal or flash the walls or ceiling of an attic to fill any hole where air can leak through.

Method 1 - Wall Spray
Wall Spray is actually sprayed into the wall cavity. It is possible to inspect the product before the drywall is hung being certain that the entire cavity is completely filled. This process eliminates voids making your home more energy efficient and comfortable year round.

Method 2 - Dry Blow In For Attics
Blow-in insulation provides you with a far greater ‘effective R-value’ than fiberglass – it also virtually eliminates irritating, abrasive, airborne glass fiber particles, giving you peace of mind regarding your indoor air quality. These facts, combined with the fact that fiberglass insulation has been declared potentially carcinogenic by the World Health Organization, (and must by law carry a cigarette-style cancer warning label), means that the healthy, safe choice for your home is cellulose.